Fish Fillets 2

Fish Fillets 2 for Windows

Solve original mind-boggling puzzles underwater

Fish Fillets 2 is an original underwater puzzle game in the style of the classic Lost Vikings, only that this time the main characters are a couple of funny fish.

Secret agents Tina and Max will have to help each other if they want to survive. While one is small and slippy, the other one is big and strong, so they complement each other and make a perfect team to find the exit for next level.

As for graphics, Fish Fillets stands out for its quality and originality. You will also enjoy funny dialogs between the two main characters.

This is what the game has to offer:

  • Six lovely creatures with unique abilities join the player's team in the course of the game
  • More than a hundred mind-boggling levels based on simple yet very interesting game mechanics
  • Colorful and animated environments, both underwater and on the shore
  • Interesting and funny story told via rendered sequences and witty in-game dialogues
  • Branching levels structure ensures the player can always continue with a different puzzle should he get stuck somewhere
  • Lots of bonus stuff to be found and unlocked by the player

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Fish Fillets 2


Fish Fillets 2

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